Thursday, October 14, 2010

The Hutchins Consort Pondered

As I ponder this group that formed several years back I think of the dedication of so many.  I think of how much it has taken to get this concept, group, and it's stellar instruments into a cohesive assemblage of exciting, talented, impromptive break through experience.
     First, the instruments were conceptualized.  Then Dr. Carleen Hutchins, Luthier, spent her life honing and refining these 8 violins into the newest breakthrough musical science of the century.  Eight Violins perfectly tuned to each other to play the entire range a Symphony can play.  Who would ever have thought it possible? 
     Okay, Violins made... now what?  Now there has to be a new body of music for them.  The man responsible for creating an ongoing dedication to this process is Joe McNalley, Contra Bass Violin player, and Artistic Director, Composer, and Arranger of the Hutchin's Consort.  Every time they play they need new music and new arrangements.  That has taken awhile, but there is an ultra exciting body of work now. The group is his passion. Frederick Charlton is the Bass Violin player and the composer-in-residence. He is uber talented.
     Have I mentioned that every instrument had to be learned and mastered by a player or players.  It takes super talent to be able to transition from the traditional instruments.  These Consort members are excellent at improvising, creating solos out of thin air. 
     Now, take these shining stars and look at what they can do.  The music is Rock, Jazz, Classical, World Music, and more. 
     This group is exciting, edgy, bold, and as Adrienne Woods (the hot Alto Violin Player) says, they are, "the best stuff ever, shiver inducing, unpredictable, classic, better than a night at the Laugh Factory, for people of all ages".  She hits the nail on the head.  Nothing like this has ever happened before.  It is my honor to be the one promoting and sharing the experience of this group.
     If you haven't seen them, you are missing the biggest musical change of our times.  They are eccentric, exciting, and memorable. They leave you wanting more.
     Watch for them as they tour and make certain you get to experience this evolutionary change in music!

Monday, September 13, 2010

At The End of The Day

      Last night I was the end of the day can I own it?  Can I own every aspect of it, the good, the bad, and the ugly.  As the day passed today, I let the question be my mantra, my guiding light. 
     Tonight I can say that I can own it, happily.  I think that thinking of others regularly and with consideration might make it easier to own your day at days end, but mostly, being honest with yourself all day, you know, self checks.  I am not trying to be crazy deep or anything.  I am just saying that living a day you can't completely own might not be the way to live it.  What are your thoughts?

Labor Day Weekend 2010, Hatcher's Pass up past Archangel Trail
A Beaver Pond
Image By Jessica McGill-Berberich

Saturday, September 11, 2010

The Last Two Weeks

     I am in such an incredible space in my life. I just see the thought of going downstream taking me to the Stars. "Shooting for the Stars" while cruising. I stepped out of the upstream battle awhile back. I decided anything that was overwhelming was the wrong direction, so I looked for things that gave me a feeling of relief, calm, excitement, and peace all at once ast the right things. I realized that since my life was always surrounded by art that it was where I should put oll of my eggs, one basket as they say. So in a leap I just turned all of my energies in just this one direction. My facebook is!/pages/Palmer-AK/Artistic-Intent/124393637610123?v=wall&ref=ts and twitter is:

     We have a photography studio already. Tim Berberich Photography and the soon to be unveiled, Studio One. My husband, my beloved, Tim Berberich, Master Photographer, is an award winning artist. His diptyc Cook Inlet can currently be seen at the Anchorage Museum Rarefied light show. As winner of the Western Eye Competition he has been shown in Carnegie Hall. What a visionary. He brings me so much visual joy, that my life is always seeing beauty. From the moment we met he taught me to look and see. He also taught me to look at the ground cover of Alaska in the fall, which made color invade my soul, permanently. You can join him on facebook at!/pages/Tim-Berberich-Master-Photographer/157735720905801?ref=ts    and facebook is:!/pages/Studio-One/100547523323524?ref=ts .    His website is

     My new passion is the Hutchin's Consort! This is a group I was dying to have on my Roster and now I do. They play on the eight scaled violins of the violin octet designed and built by famed luthier Dr. Carleen Hutchins. The instruments are the first successful attempt to create an acoustically balanced set of instruments that can sound truly like violins across the entire range of written music. With instruments ranging from the tiny treble violin, tuned one octave above the standard violin, to the gigantic large bass violin, tuned one octave lower than a 'cello, the Hutchins Consort produces an astonishing pallet of sounds. Wow, what a new, innovative, and genius group of instruments "The New Violin Family" and what accomplished, talented muscians. I get to represent them. Am I blessed or what? They are on facebook at!/hutchinsconsort?ref=ts   and their website is:  Check out the youtube at